# How to Get Started with ClassDo on Zapier

With ClassDo's Zapier plugin (opens new window), you can instantly:

  1. Automate ClassDo. It's like making your own robot to replace what you're doing with a mouse and keyboard on our interface!
  2. Connect ClassDo seamlessly with your favourite tools, such as Google Calendar, Twitter, Dropbox, Email...and many more!


You can try it out right on Zapier (opens new window).

There are 3000+ applications available on Zapier. In a few steps, you can automate the creation of rooms, send invitations, start recordings... in any way that you want, without writing a single line of code.

These are the actions you can perform on ClassDo's Zap :

  1. Room
    • Create room
  2. Room Member
    • Add room members
  3. Organization Member
    • Find organization members
  4. Invitation
    • Send invitation
  5. Recording
    • Start recording
    • Stop recording

You may find a list of helpful guides below: