# Introduction to GraphQL

GraphQL (opens new window) is the primary way to interact with ClassDo's API. It is one of the many data query languages and it offers significant advantages over other API protocols such as REST.

GraphQL has many strengths in making API requests, such as:

  • Get multiple resources in a single request: No longer do you have to chain multiple requests to various REST endpoints. With GraphQL, you can get precisely what you need in one request, enabling your application to be fast even on a slow network.
  • Specify exactly the data that you need: You have full control over what data you want to obtain, ensuring the predictability of the data that you receive. Now, you can move your focus towards the core components of your application.
  • Provide schema typed strongly: All of the operations and object relationships are strongly typed, making it easier to understand and document.

To read more about GraphQL, here are some links to get you quickly up and running: